Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Alinoush Terian

Alinoush Tarian, was born in an Armenian family in 1920 in Tehran. She graduated in Khordad 1326 [1947] from Tehran University Science Department and began her career in physics laboratories of the same university and was elected as the chief of laboratory operations in the same year.

She could not convince her teacher (Dr Hessabi) to pay for her studies abroad and was obliged to go to Paris on her own where she began studying in Atmospheric physic in Paris University. She graduated in 1856 and after rejecting a teaching job in Sorbonne University came back to Iran to become an assistant professor in thermodynamics physics in Tehran University.

She studied on solar physics observatory for 4 months by a scholarship of German government and finally became the first female professor of physics in Iran on 1964.

In 1966 she became a member of the geophysics committee of Tehran University and in 1969 finally was elected as the chief of the solar physics studies in that university and began to work in the solar observatory which she was one of its founders. She was retired on 1979.
The first Iranian woman, teacher of physics, the founder of the first solar telescopic observatory in Iran, was graduated from Sorbonne University in Paris, and after teaching for 30 years in universities was resting in an elderly house when she died at 91 on March 5 2011.
Her best memories regard the successful students who have became professors today.


  1. wow, that's awesome. thanks for telling us about this amazing woman!

  2. my dad admired this lady so much that my parents named me after her. i remember i have seen her only once in my life many many years ago. does anyone have any pictures from her from her earlier years ?