Sunday, December 21, 2008

Arbi Avanesian

Born on 1941 in Jolfa,Isfahan, In an Armenian family.

After finishing high school education in Kooshesh Davitian,he became a member of the "Armen" theatrical group in Ararat cultural organization that was established on fourth of December 1960 . Shahen Sarkissian the head of the group of national art was also the director of the group.At that time Avanesian started with costume designs and decoration of the scenes.

Between 1963 until 1966 he studies film directing and animation at London International film School and starts attending to theaters at Milan,Paris,Rome,Vatican & Athens due to his great amusement to theater.

Upon his return to Iran, he shoots a documentary about the ancient Armenian church "Saint Tadeous" located in northwest of Iran. Soon after Shahen Sarkissian invites him to direct the Armen theater group , and the first play "The gracious beggars" becomes the first theater he directs.

After some brilliant plots ,between the 1969 to 1974 he teaches film and theater at Tehran university of fine arts and Iran national radio and television school,and meanwhile established the "Theater workshop" a step which within 12 years succeeded at organizing more than 6 theater groups that all of them have had their unique impact on the Iranian theater.

Avanesian starts shooting "The source" at 1961,a movie which according to many is the starting point of a new era in Iranian cinema.

At 1979 on an invitation from German cultural administrators he leaves Tehran for Stuttgart,Berlin & Munich and cooperates with German theaters and directors.

At the same year he directs Anton Chekhov's famous "Lady with a puppy dog" for a autumn theater festival in Paris and has been resided in France ever since.

The massive impact of Avanesians work on Iranian theater and cinema has been numerously indicated by Iranian intellectuals and artists.And he is known worldwide for his superb knowledge of contemporary theater and innovations at this field .He has also during many occasions , displayed Armenian cinema and movies to a vast majority of cinema audience.

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