Friday, December 19, 2008

Zoya Pirzad

Born in Abadan, south of Iran, at 1952,she is an Armenian Iranian novelist very well known for her supperb ability at characterizing the women and creating suspense through defamiliarization of everyday life. "One day befor easter" was her first story in which she told the two stages of an Armenian man born in Anzali harbor in north of Iran who later become a teacher in Tehran. Pirzad can once more repeat the success she experienced with her first novel, “I Turn Off the Lights“, given her specific outlook in “We Get Used to It.“ The latter is the familiar story of the individuals encountered in everyday life, displaying the continuous reasonable trend of Pirzad’s short stories. The writer’s two recent novels seem to be more integrated due to the experience gained through writing for several consecutive years. Besides her particular approach toward the contemporary life, focusing on the characters’ attitudes and thoughts plays a decisive role in making the novels more successful compared to her former short stories.The themes picked by Pirzad seem to be melodramatic and sorrowful, simple and ordinary at first glance. It should, however, be noted that the content does not generally account for the artistic value of any work. “We Get Used to It“ should be lauded in view of the writer’s outlook and her potential in covering the most minor and inexpressible human feelings. Pirzad was nominated and has won a lot of awards for her recent book "I turn off the lights".

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