Thursday, December 18, 2008

Samuel Khachikian

Samuel Khachikian ( 1923 , Tabriz Iran, – 22 October 2001, Tehran) was an Armenian-Iranian film director, screenwriter, author, and film editor.
Graduated in history and journalism, he started his career as a stage director for a short period and made his first film, Return in 1953. As a pioneer, he was the first director of Iranian cinema who showed the importance of film directing to the public and was the most popular and influential director. He made forty films, mostly horror and thriller, including some box office hits, which brought him the ironic title of “Iranian Hitchcock”.His son Edwin Khachikian is currently a director in Tehran, Iran. Samuel's brother Souren Khachikian was also heavily involved in the production of his films. Souren's grandson Ara H. Keshishian is currently working as Film Editor in Hollywood, CA.

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